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Projects and agenda

My projects vary - from classical concerts to Opera, from baroque to contemporary Music. From experimental film to music videos, from filmmusic to Pop. 

Be my guest to follow me on my way - i´m excited where it will take us. For more information on my smaller projects visit my castforward profile.

holiday for your soul 2023

This first EP is my solo artist debut. Produced with sound engineer Thorsten Hoppe, it will feature snyth ballads and alternative pop songs. All of the songs have a connection to the "7" - Universe, which is steadily evolving. (Photo credits: Andrea Magin)


Dreamscapes 2023 (acting, singing, composing)

Venla Helenius film is about the decay of nature we live in. I will act, sing and compose - as a creature grieving for earth. The shoot will take place in finland. 

The abduction from the Seraglio 2023

The role of "Blonde" will be my solo debut in opera. It will premiere in the city hall Biberach, the exact same stage i had my first experiences in leading roles. I am very excited for this production!

Sabionetta 2022

sabionetta bild.jpg

Concert tour with the lute class of Sam Chapman from UdK Berlin. I will accompany the students for a concerttour through this beautiful renaissance city, all with classical baroque music.

Stürmt die Burg 2022 (film, live-performance)

Stürmt die Burg flyer.jpeg

With the artists collective F.R.A.U.,  2 of my films will be shown in a exhibition in Wilhelmsburg Ulm. Be excited, because Marta and me will also do several "healing rituals", a performance concept in which we fuse organic sounds with electronics ritually.

Film music for "7" (music, script, film) 2022-2023

This is a project very dear to my heart. "7.1" is the first part of a big film series idea i am working on. Together with composer Marta - Liisa Talvet, 40 minutes of the soundtrack and songs are produced so far. The music is based on a 30 minute script and i am excited to see the film being produced one day.

Graduation 2022 (Opera) 

My graduation program was broad and exciting. From Purcell to Gounod, from Bach to Mozart, from Weill to Zimmermann. Two big performances to end one major period of my life. Visit my YouTube Channel to see all of the performances.

BETULA 2021 (film, music, directing) 

BETULA narrates the journey of processing sexual assault or rape. It´s a story about traveling from the dark to the light, through compassion and (self-) love. BETULA won several prices (best women empowerment, best music video) and got nominated for several festivals.

CAREAE 2021 (film, music, directing) 

CAREAE was my first professionally produced short film - 24min long. It was filmed during Covid and tells a story of a woman so intertwined with herself a black rock apperars out of nowhere. She is thrown back on herself and needs to solve her personal issues. CAREAE won several prices at interational festivals ("best experimental") and got nominated and screened at even more festivals.

The cold trip 2019,2020,2021 (contemporary music theatre)


The cold trip is as contemporary concert format for laptop, voice and piano. However, the director Ruth Asralda fused it into music theatre. I performed one of the three main roles 2 times in Berlin, one time in Goethe Institut Santa Cruz where i also gave a masterclass for singing students.

PUNKT. genau und untrennbar ROT 2019 (composition, performance)

As part of the finissage of an excellent exhibition of my mother, Andrea Tiebel-Quast, i wrote and performed 3 contemporary songs based on her texts. This performance opened the door for composing and songwriting.

HAUSER 2018 (music theatre)

As my first music theatre proejct in Berlin, Hauser was directed by Carolina Cesconetto in bat studiotheater. Contemporary  songs were written for the opera singers, as we collaborated with actors who acted purely.

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